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Matches are used by people for centuries. From the invention, matches and their properties are varied depending upon the usage of the people by generational growth. Modern matches are manufactured from the composition of potassium chlorate with chlorides, sulphates, bromates, ferrous substances as match head with match splints of cardboard, wood or wax sticks and the matchbox with the red phosphorus striking surface. Our match products are available in various sizes and varieties of splints, different color heads, dotted/tinted side frictions and different packaging style. Our products assure the quality standards specified in the testing norms.

Cardboard Matches:

These types of match sticks are manufactured from cardboard. Our Cardboard Safety Matches are made from good quality splints which are perfectly chopped and available in various sizes and specifications. Splints of our safety matches are very strong and long. Our cardboard safety matches having various features such as longtime flame, strong splints, etc,. We provide a complete quality range of safety matches products to our customers.
cardboard safety matches

Wax Matches:

Wax safety matches provided by us are made from high quality raw materials. Our safety matches are used for both domestic and commercial purposes. Wax Safety Match’s splints are made from properly chopped tissue paper and wax splints which are easy to handle with a common type of match ignite head. These matches are safe to handle and it burns a long time.
Wax safety matches

House Hold / Kitchen Matches:

These types of safety matches have long handles which are suitable for safely light the stoves and candles. Kitchen Matches are available in multiple colors to attract the users. Kitchen safety matches offered by us are big in size. These are made from quality raw materials. Our kitchen matches have long time burning capacity.
House hold safety matches

 Matches Raw Materials:

We offer also the raw materials of matches like Match Skillet, Potassium Chlorate, Semi Refined Paraffin Wax, Fully Refined Paraffin Wax and Match Splints. Match splints are designed as per the customers’ needs and specifications. Our match skillets are very strong and it is having capability to extra flame.

Match Skillet

Manufacturers and exporters of safety matches in Madurai, India