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Symphony Jumbo 45L Double blower Air cooler with trolley(white)

Brand: Symphony

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Categories: Air Coolers

With the soaring temperature, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay calm and relaxed in summers. If king-size cooling is the need of the hour, your search ends right here. Bigger water tank capacity of 41-litre, larger cooling pad area and smooth air movement, these make Jumbo 45DB ideal for cooling expansive areas. Symphony Jumbo 45DB is a high-performance desert air cooler for home, designed to be used for hot and dry weather conditions. With an elegant design and power-packed features, it's designed for people who don't compromise on the looks for better cooling. Whether it is an expansive living space, medium-sized urban room or an outdoor area, it is the best model to meet all kinds of cooling needs. Symphony Jumbo 45DB boasts many good reasons to choose. It comes fitted with 3-side cooling pads, which ensures effective cooling. Consuming 225 watts of energy, this air cooler for room easily compliments your space up to 78 cubic meters. The air-coolers work best in the place that is properly ventilated. It is, therefore, important to keep your door/window open to experience effective cooling. The pump of the cooler works on dura-pump technology which ensures the long life of the pump. The powerful double blower, cool flow dispenser, and automatic vertical swing ensures better air throw and cools your entire room. It comes with a trolley with strong wheels that help you set the cooler at your room window height and ensures easy mobility. For any product-related queries, please contactus on: [079-30130111 / 09510070111]

From the manufacturer

Powerful Double Blower

The cooler is equipped with powerful double blower which ensures superior air throw and faster cooling.

Low Power Consumption

This symphony air cooler is designed to use less electric power as it runs on an operating cost of a fan.

Use it Inside, Use it Outside

The cooler is designed to provide cooling comfort when and where you need relief from the heat, both indoors and outdoors.

Ice and Water Inlet Chamber

Load the inlet chamber of this 45DB Symphony air cooler with ice and water and enjoy the cool air it delivers.

Water Release Plug

The Symphony air cooler has a water release plug that allows draining excess water when the cooler is not in use.

3-Side Cooling Pads with Large Pad Area

The three-sided cooling pads of the Symphony Jumbo 45DB have a large surface area which effectively cools down a room and keeps its occupants cool.

Overflow Outlet

You have nothing to worry about if you accidentally overfill the water tank of the Symphony Jumbo 45DB as it features an Overflow outlet the can be used to drain water without causing a spill.

Trolley with Castor Wheels

You can mount this Symphony 45DB air cooler on the high-quality trolley that comes with it. This trolley features a set of high-quality castor wheels that make it easy to move the air cooler between rooms and adjust its angle to enjoy optimal cooling.

Water Level Indicator

The pump of any air cooler can stop working properly if it is made to operate without a constant flow of water. To prevent this, the Jumbo 45DB from Symphony comes with an inbuilt water level indicator that makes it easy for you to monitor the level of water left in its 41-litre tank.


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